Frequent questions HEALTH
1. ¿What is the purpose of the Benefits Plan – POS (Mandatory Health Plan (POS for its acronym in Spanish)?
The Benefits Plan seeks the integral maternity and general illness protection of the families, in the phases of incentive, health and prevention promotion, diagnose, treatment and rehabilitation for all pathologies.
2. ¿What is the subsidized health regime?
The subsidized regime is the mechanism through which the most vulnerable population, which lacks of any payment capacity has access to health care services included in the Mandatory Health Plan (POS for its acronym in Spanish), by means of a Health Provider Entity (EPS for its acronym in Spanish) through a subside offered by the State.
3. ¿What can you do in the event of irregularities in the health service rendered?
Go to the national Health Superintendence, which is head of the inspection, surveillance, and control of the General Social Security in Health System.
4. ¿If I am a working pensioner, why is my salary quoted if I am already contributing to the Health Provider Entity (EPS for its acronym in Spanish) as pensioner
Because Article 65 of Decree 806/98 states that when an affiliated person is receiving a salary or pension from two or more employers or is at the same time a salaried worker and an independent contractor, the corresponding contributions will be proportional to the salary, income or pension earned in each one of them.
5. ¿What is a medical disability?
Is such that as per a medical evaluation and according to the illness or injury prevents someone from performing work duties for a determined period of time.