Claims and procedures grounded in disability, age and death as well as substitute compensation and remainder refunds. 

  • Pension claim procedures (age, disability and death).
  • Substitute compensation procedures (remainder refunds).
  • Procedures for funeral aid.
  • Procedures for pension readjustment.
  • Procedures to claim disability payments
  • Guidance in choosing or transferring to the right pension plan.
  • Actuarial studies
  • Search, correction and recovery of employment history
  • Advisory and legal processes aimed to recover pension bonds, shares and remainder refunds.
  • Advisory and procedures before the Pension and Payroll Management Unit (UGPP for its acronym in Spanish).

As per the specific needs requested by the client, the detail of the services related specifically with social security pensions is listed below:


Processes before Colpensiones:


  1. The request of social security benefits including retirement pension, disability, and survivor, before COLPENSIONES.
  2. To request an alternative pension (indemnización sustitutiva) before COLPENSIONES as well as remainder reimbursement before Pension Funds.
  3. To request before COLPENSIONES, prior review and calculation, the correction and re-settlement of the retirement, disability and survivor pension previously acknowledged and paid to the retired worker by such entity.
  4. To get, recover, complete and correct the employment history of those affiliated to COLPENSIONES.
  5. COLPENSIONES transfer procedures in accordance to the Transition Law.
  6. Actuarial studies for compulsory pensions calculations according to Law 100 of 1993, Law 797 of 2003 and Law 860 of 2003 for retirement, disability and survivors´ benefits, as the case may be.
  7. Legal advice and concepts regarding Social Security Pensions ranging from affiliates to retired employees, and analyzing the applicable regulations in each specific case.