Advisory in the due diligence to ensure the protection of the rights.

Nature of the services: advisory in the due diligence to ensure the protection of the Human Rights in the business operation as well as in its value chain.

Objective of the service: to strengthen the sustainability and reputation of the company ensuring its activities are consistent in respecting Human Rights. 

Advisory Services Offered: 




Knowledge management and institutional learning

  • Designing and implementing knowledge management models about Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.
  • Defining and structuring contents for the knowledge management models.
  • Training in national and international Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law regulations.
  • Training in companies’ self-regulation standards to ensure their respect for the Human Rights.
  • Developing methods for identifying and generating good practices and learned lessons whereas respecting and promoting Human Rights.
  • Investigation of incidents arising from the companies’ activities and projects that have caused or contributed causing negative consequences regarding Human Rights.

Advisory services offered:PREVENTION PILLAR 

Risk Management:

Analysis of specific operational contexts in order to identify social, political and economic factors and variables which may be decisive in the Human Rights´ risk and adverse impact management.

  •  Identifying, analyzing and evaluating situations, practices or business affairs which may put the Company at risk of being involved in Human Right abuses.
  •  Designing Human Rights´ adverse impact mitigation and control tools.

Advisory services offered:REPAIR PILLAR 


Company`s administrative claim mechanims 

  • Designing and agreement of integral repair measures for individuals or communities who may have suffered negative consequences regarding their Human Rights, provoked or contributed to provoke by the Company

Advisory Service Offered: INSTITUTIONAL PILLAR 

Policies and procedures

  • Designing and formulation of the company`s policies to promote responsability i respecting Human Rights in its operation.
  • Designing due diligence processes to identify, analyza, prevent and mitigate risks regarding Human Rights matter that mayarise from situations, practices or business relations.